Saturday, October 1, 2016

what is your Akita Performance brag for October?

this is fantastic news.....
Hey Deb,
Just an update on how Piper is doing. Piper showed this weekend and earned her 16th UDX leg, with scores of 190 in both Open and Utility and earned another 12 Obedience Master points. She needs 14 more points to complete her Master title. We will be showing again in a few weeks. I will let you know how it goes.
Jerry Howard
Koma-Inu Jakita's Music Maker "Piper", UDX, GN RN, CGC

Akita Ranking by PowerScore for 2016 3rd quarter 


this is fantastic! 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

What is your Akita Performance Brag for August?

8/14/16 - congratulations to our very first Japanese Akita to earn a UKC Nosework Exterior Novice A leg at the UKC Premier National event on 6/17/16, CA PTN GRCH Hanae Go Sawadaka Kensha owned by Claire Matthews!


8/14/16 - Linda Wolf

Baby Buster earned his World Cynosport Puppy Rally Title this morning! He is sound asleep so no photo....doesn't like getting up at 5 a.m. LOL Thank you to For Your K9, Melrose Park and Nancy Reyes for a fun course!


Nanaki's Very first Novice Jumpers Agility Run! TMAC 8-7-16


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What is your Akita Performance Brag for July?

Here's Jade the only Akita competing in Flyball on the planet running with her owner Fiona Chester. Jade you are absolutely adorable! Jade comes into the video at 1.39, 3.4, 6.0 and 6.3. here close up at 1.39 will definitely put a smile on your face and brighten your day! I know she did mine! just wanna squeeze her to death!


Congratulations to Neskaya-"NN AI AC URO1 Rescue's Leronis Of Neskaya" and her owner Alice South for being the first Akita to earn the United Kennel Club's Novice Nosework (NN) title by completing ALL four elements in Containers, Interior, Exterior and Vehicles on 4/17/16! way to go girls!
here's a link to UKC's title page, you'll need to search for "Akita" to find her details or simply scroll down and read the details

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What is your Akita Performance Brag for June?

Gail Lowrie
Drama and I(David too) had a great time doing the Lure Coursing Ability Trials It's really exciting and fun to watch the dogs and great exercise. Keeps you both fit  We are so proud of our girl .
This is Drama's Award CAA Title 10 qualifying runs (we did 11 one extra for good measure:) and photo of her finishing Ribbons.

Amy McArdle
Someday I hope to have big brags like others here. But for now, we have this! (Gotta start somewhere).

Natalia Dougherty with Carla Boyd and Deborah Karfs.
Yesterday GCH Onyx earned her CA title and had the greatest time doing so! Her first run was 1 minute and 5 seconds! Thank you Chris Karfs for taping it! My daughter Brittany and I went to NJ for the weekend and had a great time talking with akkita peeps Deb and Chris Karfs and Carla Boyd and seeing Lolo, Pawlee and Miss Trible!! Sissy D.

Deborah Karfs with Natalia Dougherty.

Had a wonderful time with Natalia Dougherty this weekend trying some lure coursing. Sissy and Brittany, thanks for coming all the way to Jersey. Here is a picture of us with our fabulous pups, Onyx and Lolo, on Saturday morning after a run. Onyx was a rockstar and titled and Lolo had a ball, managing to even get a Q. Will certainly be doing more lure coursing. Big thank you to the West Coasters for inspiring us. 

a huge CONGRATULATIONS are in order to Envy Rose and her owner Kathy Henderson on earning their last QQ needed on May 1, 2016 to become the very first Akita to earn the RAE2 title (Rally Advanced Excellent times 2)!
way to go ladies!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

What is your Akita Performance Brag for May?

Piper's owner wrote: (she's not on fb)
Hey Deb,
Here is a picture of Piper earning her 12th UDX leg at the trials this weekend. She got a 4th place in Utility and she also picked up another 15 points towards her OM title.
Jerry Howard

Judith Kelly updated the group photo.

Sophie's second agility class!
Punkin earned the 2 last legs toward her Rally Excellent title over the weekend, she is now:
Gekko's Snow Punk Of Wild Ridge CD BN RE CGCA
Updated photos to come!

Kiyo continues to amaze and delight me! This weekend she 'first placed' her way to her first agility title (CPE Standard). I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful, talented dog.

Another NEW ACA Versatility title: Kathy Webster's Daphne VA - who wrote " Daphne (BISS GCH CH Kokana's Once In A Lightyear, CAA, CGC, TT, VA) has received her Versatile Akita award from The Akita Club of America. She is my first Akita to have earned this award. She has excelled in the show ring earning two Best Bred By Exhibitor In Show awards, the Bred By Exhibitor Champion Medal from AKC (my first) an invitation to the Top Twenty competition at the 2015 Akita Club of Ameri...
See More

"Today we are celebrating Porter's 4th birthday AND his new VA title. For my non Akita friends this is a Versatile Akita award issued by the Akita Club of America. To achieve this Porter and I accumulated the required number of points (titles) in areas of conformation, obedience, rally, health testing, community service, having a great temperament and being a good canine citizen in public. So happy 4th birthday to my silly sweet Porter Pie, AKA GCH Ursa Major's Deschutes Dark BN RN CGCA VA." owned and written by Melissa Fisher

Miss Vic'Try -
Kobu's Keep Yer Eyez On The Prize, NAP, NJP, CA. (Ch. Kobu's Mighty Cardiac Kid x Kiseki's Don't Stop Believin')
Running at an agility Trial last weekend! She sure loves this! Hope I have her titles all right 
Linda Poppy Logan added 7 new photos.
Miss Vic'Try -
Kobu's Keep Yer Eyez On The Prize, NAP, NJP, CA. (Ch. Kobu's Mighty Cardiac Kid x Kiseki's Don't Stop Believin')
Running at an agility Trial last weekend! She sure loves this!

Jade you are amazing! she comes in at about 1.14
Tracy Layfield to Fiona Chester
Acremead flyball

here's Jade cherished by Fiona Chester, the only Akita on the planet competing in flyball...
Jade comes in at .47, 1.45, 6.17, 7.40 and 8.20
she is absolutely adorable!

Highlights (and lowlights!) of the Keresley K9's flyball teams at the Earls Barton May 2016 tournament. Music: Quirky Dog Kevin MacLeod ( Lic...

This past weekend we attended a trial at a new organization, US Canine Scent Sports. Kiki found something interesting in interiors but wasn't odor, THAT was across the room. Did well at exteriors, and a game called 'Go the Distance' where you work away from your dog. The day I went we had two container searches and I made the same mistake twice. They were back to back and I didn't get a chance to reflect on the first one. All in all it was a great trial with low level stress!

Just wanted to share that my birthday boy, Porter, has a new VA title ~ I'm very proud of this boy and what we've accomplished together so far. Porter is my first show dog and the first dog I've titled in conformation, rally and obedience. Happy 4th birthday to my special boy, GCH Ursa Major's Deschutes Dark BN RN CGCA VA

it's official, just waiting for the PACH certificate to arrive!!! 4 titles in one day, MXP4, MJP4, PAX and PACH has got to be a record!

a huge congratulations to Alice South and her wonderful girl Neskaya - AI AC URO1 Rescue's Leronis Of Neskaya, for being the first Akita to earn the United Kennel Club's Nose Work titles for Novice Interior and Novice Container, and then Advanced Container and Advanced Interior! way to go!

main Akita Performance Rankings, created by: Deb Fletcher presents: Results for all venues, all disciplines! click on the tabs below( for desktop) above( for mobile) AKC title earners AKC Title earners, created by: Deb Fletcher updated 4/ 22/ 16 date, title earned, picture, registered n...

Cheyenne's bling from the AKC Agility trial in Shawnee. She picked up QQ # 6 with 18 speed points including one 1st placement and two 3rd placements.
it was great meeting Heston and Linda and watching them almost get a QQQ! simply amazing!
did NOT like the tornado scare!

I think I forgot to post this (total) brag here. Kiyo & Toka rocked recent barn hunt trials. 1 y.o. Toka earned 2 legs to his RATN with 2 first place finishes! Kiyo took the weekend by storm, earning her open title with one second place finish and TWO back to back High In Trials placements! How lucky I am to have such great dogs grace my life.

Kyoki earned her Open title in Barn Hunt today. Seaisland's Synchronicity with a bunch of letters I'm not sure of the order they go in after her registered name! Thank you, Louise Davie for entrusting me with this smart, loving, loyal Hunter! I can't imagine my life without her!

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